Exploring Borders – moving on

Exploring Borders – moving on

After the success of the site-specific inclusive production Exploring Borders shown at the EveryBody Festival 2021, Curtis & Co. and EveryBody gather forces to present the premiere of Exploring Borders – moving on, a sequel, danced by an extended group of performers, with and without disability. Moving into and inhabiting the theatre space of the Tafelhalle Nuremberg they explore its spatial limits. 5 performers, 7 nationalities, aged between 25 and 58: what physical, psychological, geographical, social and political borders have confronted the four protagonists of Exploring Borders in their lives? Which ones could they overcome and where did they fail? After the events of the last three years the themes of borders, proximity and distance have become even more topical. Borders are built up and torn down. Contemporary dance meets streetdance, precise acrobatic skills come face to face with emotions pushed to the limit.
The mixed-abled ensemble explore their own borders and those of the performance space. Moving like animals defending their territory, or like human beings, exposing themselves to the complexities of social interaction and relationships, the performers react to the (un)limited space and inspire constantly changing associations and narratives.

Direction EveryBody - inklusiver Tanz

Performing orders
PLAN MEE / Eva Borrmann
Filmprojekte Anna Steward

Festival Invitations
Gathered Together – inklusives Tanzfestival, Glasgow UK

Bayerische Theatertage Bamberg 2022

Pedagogical orders
EveryBody – inklusives Tanzensemble


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Exploring Borders – moving on
Choreographie, Regie, Konzept Susanna Curtis
Ensemble Susanna Curtis, Emmanuelle Rizzo, Dergin Tokmak, Johannes Walter, Tameru Zegeye
Costume Design Johanna Deffner
Stage Design Johanna Deffner, Susanna Curtis
Film Jürgen Heimüller
Light Design Sasa Batnozic
Assistance Ute Sander-Keller
Dramaturgy Nora Hensel
Assistance Lina Hartmann
Photography Sebastian Autenrieth. Ludwig Olah