Do you contemporary dance?

Do you contemporary dance?

In her solo production Do you contemporary dance? choreographer and dancer, Susanna Curtis, presents the results of her year-long research on the subject of contemporary dance. The audience follows the performer as she questions and searches for answers – what exactly is contemporary dance, where does it come from and why do we watch it (or not)? Susanna Curtis delves into dance, movement, language and light. Sometimes she’s philosphical, sometimes poetical, sometimes in humorous stand-up mode, sometimes deeply moving. She tells of her personal experiences and personal crises, in a career as dancer and performer spanning 35 years.

She metaphorically and literally bares all to discover dance underneath the fashionable mantle of the conceptional, conceptual and the authentic, maintaining her tongue in cheek stance. And she surprises herself in revealing the theatrical magic in everyday life.
Everything you always wanted to know about contemporary dance, but were too afraid to ask – for die-hard dance experts and for dance novices.

The production can be performed in either English or German
Length: 70 minutes; no interval/intermission


Do you contemporary dance?
Idea, Concept, Choregraphie, Direction, Dance Susanna Curtis
Co-Direction, Film, Voice Jürgen Heimüller
Light Design Sasa Batnozic
Film Miho Kasama
Costume Advice Johanna Deffner
Assistance Melina Geitz
Music Martin Denny, Anna von Hausswolff, Jürgen Heimüller, Anders Hillborg, Kate Moore, Mark Ronson

The result is a 75-minute piece, which I recommend you must see. A lesson which is both charming and and at the same time imparts a great deal of knowledge.
And then her naked body walks diagonally across the stage, radiating a sense of calm and naturalness which is breathtaking.

„the piece“ is  always accompanied by her wonderful humour, her reflectiveness and her sovereignity, at 55 still dancing on stage and ready to expose herself.
Gießener Allgemeine

Peppered with wit, „Do you contemporary dance?“ is a piece which moves you, long after the evening is over.
When the 54 year old relates that she went through a severe crisis last year, she reveals, with a rare candidness, her fears of never dancing again. Naturally Curtis doesn’t  demand our sympathy, but rather emphasises the irony of the situation.
„There is no right or wrong. What happens on stage concerns an emotional truth“: A very true statement from a clever dancer.
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